Hua Lamphong II – Black & White – Photoreport

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Today I want to share some pictures with you from the past weekend in Bangkok at the Hua Lamphong Railway station. It was the second time for me discovering this spot and I hope not the last – As it will close in 2019.

Hua Lamphong is the main station in Bangkok which was build up in 1916 after 6 years of construction. On very interesting fact is, that the prototype of this station was the main station of Frankfurt (Main) in Germany. It was designed in the Italien Neo Renaissance stylewith decorated wooden roofs and stained glass windows, a very unique style of architecture in Bangkok.

In this report I want to talk more about photography as I mentioned most of the details in my [First]( report about the station a few months back.


Hua Lamphong, Bangkok


I was super excited going back to the place where I did one of my best photo sessions since I started with photography. When I arrived the station by MRT I had this feeling of excitement and happiness being back at this place. There was only one problem – I only had 20% Batterie in my camera left.. I knew I did not have more than 2 hours time to walk around and shoot. But still, it was absolutely worth it going back to Hua Lamphong.



This will also be the first Black & White report I’ve ever did. I’m not super good at B&W post editing yet but I gave it a try and spend the past few days in Lightroom , trying to improve my editing in this genre.





My mission was as always – Walking around , watching people , taking pictures. This time with music in my ears. Hans Zimmer played in my spotify playlist and gave this magic place an even more epic feeling. It fitted actually perfect for that place as it is calm, slow and peaceful.


The person in the picture above really got my attention. I was looking at him for at least 10 minutes and his eyes just told me that he has many stories to tell. At this moment I was really sad about the fact that my Thai is not good enough yet to start a whole conversation with him. But it also motivated me to learn this language faster.

It was funny as he turned around and looked in my eyes I gave him a smile and he immediately responded with a even bigger smile. At this moment there wans’t even a need for any conversation. Just the most simple human interaction which shows respect and tolerance.







As I kept walking around I noticed something what I have’t noticed the first time I was there. On one side of the railway I spotted hairdresser which were cutting the hairs of people at the station. “What’s going on there?!” was my first thought and I walked down to this railway and took a couple of pictures.





That was something I haven’t seen before. But I mean – Why not?! Maybe I’ll go there by myself to get a hair cut next time 😉 . I really would love to know more about this place. Since when are they doing this ? Are they doing this everyday ? I’m sure there is some history behind that.

The last picture I took show 2 man waiting for their train. I’m not sure what It is but I really like this picture. Feel free to tell me your interpretation about it :))



I hope you enjoyed walking around with me again virtually in this beautiful place with its beautiful people and very special mood.


Thanks for reading :))





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