Earning money with Photography?

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No, this will not be a guide how you can earn money with Photography, As I, for myself, did not find out how it works yet. It will more be an article where I reflect my experience with different possibilities. Let me tell you up first that I started to take photography serious just about 8-9 months ago (As soon I started blogging on steemit), so I’m still pretty new to this field.

Let’s talk about some different ways on how you can potentialy earn money with photography.

Selling photos on stock websites?

Websites as: Shutterstock, Adobe (Fotolia), IStock etc. offer you micro stock sells for you photos. The price range is about 0.25-1$ for 1 photo (It can variate depend on which website you use for selling)

My experience

After uploading around 400 photos on 3 different Stock Websites, I made roughly 5$ in 6 months for a TON of work. Uploading, Title, Description, Key- Words – All this has to be done if you want to sell photos on Stock Websites.

To make it short – It did not work for me at all. It’s either that the quality of my photos are not good enough – or that there is simply no market for the kind of photography I do. People, Travel, Street. Maybe this market is already satisfied.



As you can see I uploaded 208 photos to Shutterstock and made 2.50$ (You can’t pay out before you reach 25$) – Result: Very frustrating.

And to be honest, I feel that my photos are absolutley undervalued on Stock Websites. Putting hours of work in some photos and getting 25 cents for each sell? – No Thank you. I came to the decision to delete all my Stock accounts in the next couple of days.


Selling Photos on your own website

I don’t have any experience with this yet but im currently working on a online shop where I will sell digital photos on my new website. It’s still under construction and I also have no idea if that will work.

Yes, to sell anything on your website you need to have traffic first. That’s also something I’m working on.


Running a website and trying to sell something requires a lot of work and learning on how to be able to set u things. That’s what I already know ;).

  • How to design a Website?
  • SEO?
  • How to set up a shop?
  • How to get traffic?

My current expenses on this project are 300$

  • 12 months subscription for the wordpress businessplan (To connect it with Steempress as smooth as possible) – 200$
  • Envira Gallery (Helps me to set up a shop) – 100$


And on the end I’m not sure if that will work but I will keep putting my work into it as long as I need to. I’m also thinking to add Crypto Payments to my shop and later on even some prints which I will ship around the world. Let’s see!


Client Work

This might be the most popular way to earn money with photography. There are tons of different genres in this field:

  • Wedding
  • Family
  • Children
  • Real Estate
  • Events (Nightclubs, festivals)
  • Newspaper
  • etc.

This field, of course, very much requires and depends on your skills and experience.

I recently did my first mini- job for a friend – Photographing his [Muay Thai Gym](https://steempeak.com/photofeed/@worldcapture/photoreport-iii-muay-thai-thailand-62c1bbd96b73cest) and I will do the same in a few weeks again for another friend. For free, of course.



Other potential sources of income with photography

I might forget or not know more than I will mention now below, so please, have a chat with me in the comment section and give me some new ideas 😉

  • Steemit: Works best for me so far. I’m able to generate around 40-50 Steem a week organically. Yes, It requires a lot of work but I love doing it.
  • Magazines No experience
  • Products/Food No experience


So as you can see in my little review, It’s still a hard and long way to go (What actually is the way? 😀 ) and I’m sometimes getting lost and frustradet a bit. But I will not give up and keep looking for all possible opportunities.


Again, please, I’m asking YOU – Have a chat with me in the comments. Give me some ideas or inspiration. Give me the magic key to succeed ;D


So my next steps will be:

  • Getting also into Videography (Learn to cut, edit etc.) Potentially with Dtube & Youtube as platforms to share my content.
  • Work on my online shop.
  • Work on my website.
  • Get traffic on my website
  • Work on new projects ideas
  • Delete my Stock Account


If anyone wants to cooperate in some projects, let me know. 


Thanks for reading 😉







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