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Today I want to share the outcome of my first time playing around with Product (Macro) Photography. I think we as photographer should always try out new things as it will always increase our skills in photography.

As we had today the first time rain in the region of Thailand I live in since December 2018, it was the perfect opportunity to try out something different. It was also the perfect situation to finally use my 7 year old Macro Lens (Tamron 24-90mm 4.5) which was already slightly covered in dust ;).


  • Camera: Nikon D750
  • Lens: Tamron 90mm Macro
  • Black mat

Light Source & Setting

As it was day time, I of course used the sunlight as my light source. I was actually lying on the ground in front of my balcony door for about 2 hours ;))


You can see that I did not use a lot of fancy stuff for this shooting. Just a random black mat and as I mentioned above – Sunlight.

Camera Settings

I tried to use a small Aperture in most of the pictures to be able to:

  • Use a lower to non ISO
  • Use a higher Shutter Speed 

It always depended on the angle I shot from. From the front it was quite easy as I had enough Sunlight to be able to use a higher Shutter Speed.

From the pictures I took from the side I had to use a higher number of ISO as I did not have direct sunlight in the frame.

Most important was to get the shutter speed as high ass possible as I shoot all pictures in manual mode and it was impossible to not shake with my hand at this close range between lens and watch. I will show you in a video below what I mean.

As you can see – There was no choice than using a high Shutter Speed to get a clear/sharp picture.

Post Editing


I used as always for my photos Lightroom for the post editing process.

I basically just adjusted the basics and also played a bit around with the tone curve and a slight blue ton for the photo. I don’t think I need to go to much in detail for this as it is anyways always depend on the personal taste.

In case some of you are really interested how I edit my photos – I could make a separate Post/Video about this topic – Let me know in the comments.

Final Photos

Below you can see the outcome of the photos I took and edited.







I’m quite happy with the results of this shoot as it was my first try in this niche. Let me know what you think about it and of course, feel always free to leave any kind of feedback (Positiv/Negative) in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!




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