1 Year Anniversary – How Steemit changed my life

My Post (1)

Today is the day. 365 days ago I made my first post here on Steemit and it pretty much changed my entire life. Nope, that’s not a clickbait – It really did!

When I arrived on the platform I looked through all the trending posts on the main page and I was blown away that some people made hunderts of $ (Steem was at around 2.5$ at that time) with some articles or even single photo posts (I did not know of bitbots at that time).

As I used to have a lot of fun with my camera a few years back I thought about posting some of the old pictures and maybe even start to write some articles on myself. The only problem was that I ABSOLUTELY SUCK at writing :D.. That was also a good reason to start blogging – Just to develope my writing. I mean, it’s a bit better now but there is still VERY much room to improve, ha!

My first post


Looking back at it, I have no freaking Idea what I was trying to say there 😀 Did I try to sound poetic or philosphic 😀 – Well, we will never know!

My first ever written travel article



Having Tea in jordan – Was the very first travel article what I’ve wrote here on Steemit (And in my life, obviously) and it somehow got curated by @curie which absolutely blew my mind away! I was so incredible stoked by that support and upvote that I literally exploded of Joy. I will never forget that moment!

My lost passion

The point why Steemit changed my life is – I found my love in photography again. It was only because of Steemit why I started to use my DSLR after many years again.

I did use it a few years back sometimes when I was traveling, but never took it really serious. Steemit changed that all and Photography is now the main thing I focus on since the last 365 days. I spend everyday without exception on developing my photography and editing skills. And the best part about it is – I absolutely love doing it!

I personally do see that I keep improving a lot week by week in terms of my photography/editing. The more I use my camera the better I get. This really works 😀 !!


I posted this picture a few days ago. As some of you might already know – I absolutely love People/culture/street photography. I will continue to work hard on that field to increase my skills more and more.


I remember a few months back when I asked some of my fellow Steemit friends on the travelfeed Discord server – On how hard it would be to create a contest on Steemit and I got some good advises and ideas.

So I suddenly came up with the Idea to create/host a contest about Peoplephotography which is now in the 27th round with a total of over 600 entries 🙂 I’m still incredible happy to see this contest finds so much attention around this amazing community.

[Peoplephotography by worldcapture – Round #27](https://steempeak.com/steempress/@worldcapture/newpeoplephotographybyworldcaptureweek27-10steembonusprizepool-3qha5y647p)

My Post

It really is my pleasure to sponsor this contest in exchange to see incredible quality pictures! Keep ’em coming! 😉

Steem as investment?

Ouch! I failed pretty bad on that one ;D – But, I’m still optimistic!

When I purchased my first Steem it was at around 2.5$ and I also did purchase some more in a lover region but, I’m still in quite a big – so far.

I did invest in total around 4.855 $ for 5000 STEEM which is obviouly a pretty bad deal if you look at the price right now – But, It’s not the end of the world and I do see it as a long term investment.

Power Down?

Yap, I do it – BUT only everything above 5000 Steem. I will always keep at least 5000 Steem powered up. That’s a decision of mine to get at least a little return of my investment back.


Future on Steemit?

Well, I don’t know about the future of Steemit, but I can say how my future on Steemit will be.

  • Continue to post only high quality content/articles – That was always my focus to create the best possible posts I can. I don’t even wanna mention how long I sometimes sit on 1 article 😀  For every picture I edit I probably spend waaaaaaaaaaaay to much time. But I just love details and perfection.

Also, I want to interact more with other Steemians. I do have a couple of people with who I write/comment sometimes but I definitely could improve that. I really wish 1 day had 30+ hours.


Thank you!!!!

This counts for EVERYONE who was part of my journey in the past 365. I’ve met some incredible people and look forward to meet even more in the future!


Wishing you all a great day!




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