Flag of Nepal

Nikon D750 | Tamron 24-70mm G2 2.8 | ISO 200| F 2.8| 35mm | 1/3200sec

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Good day guys!

Today I share a Image from my travel through Nepal in April this year with you. The location was in an outside city of Kathmandu and shows one of the colorful brickwall houses from this area.

In the next 4 days I will be traveling in North Thailand so I will not be able to comment on any post or in the commentary section. – Stay tuned for new footage which will come out soon :))


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Chandni Chowk


Good day Guys!

Today I share a image from my India Street collection. The location was in Chandni Chowk, Old New Dehli.

It’s still one of my favourite places/areas to walk around and to photograph. Can’t wait to go back there one day :))

Wishing you a great Thursday!


Thale Noi Sunrise


Good day guys!

Today I share another single image from my article about the Thale Noi Lotus Lake from a few weeks ago.

It is one of my favourite photos from this series as the light was just perfect at the moment I pushed the trigger.

3 more days until I finally can collect some new stories and fresh content!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Lotus Flower


Good day guys!

Today I share a little different picture – A lotus flower from my trip to the Thale Noi lake in Phattalung _ South Thailand.

I really like the fresh and strong colors of lotus flowers. Also the smell was pretty good!

On the weekend I will go to the north of Thailand to collect some new footage of an hopefully exciting trip!  – Stay tuned :))


[NEW] People Photography by Worldcapture Week #34 – [10 Steem + Bonus Prizepool]


Good day everyone!

Let’s start with round 34 of the Peoplephotography contest. I’m looking forward seeing your great entries again!
Please make sure to look at the winner announcement from Week #33

The only thing I ask you guys is to spread around this contest to your friends, family or who ever you think should participate in this contest ;). As this contest is sponsored to 100% out of my wallet the amount of entries really helps to continue and grow this contest. Cheers!


Portraits , Streetphotography , Culture- Photography.. etc. – Every photo where your focus was on people counts!


– (1) entry per person per week
– Only use your own work
– Use the tag – #Peoplephotography
– No nude photography
– Separate post for your entry (not in the comment section)
– Tag me in your post @worldcapture (As this will help to grow this contest)
– Use “[your text] – Peoplephotography by worldcapture Week #34” for your title (Helps me to organize everything more easy and also to reach more attention for the contest)
– Post your entry link down below on this post
– Be so fair and say **Thank you** when you win something (That’s all I ask for)


Rank |Prize| Upvote
1| 5 STEEM |100%
2 |2 STEEM| 70%
3| 1.5 STEEM| 50%
4 |1 STEEM | 40%
5 |0.5 STEEM| 30%
Joker |0.3 STEEM| 25%


The Joker will be randomly picked under everyone who participated excl. Top 5

Nomination Bonus

You can also Nominate a Person to join the contest and in case the Nominee wins u will receive 1 STEEM
Example: Person A nominates Person B to join the contest – Person B joins the contest and wins – Person A will receive 1 STEEM for nominating Person B.

Please leave the name of your nomination on this post in the comment section and get a 30% Upvote just for dropping a name 🙂

Example Post

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Week #34 starts right now and will end on Tuesday 13.08.2019 08:00 Central European Time – Good Luck!

I hope you all have a great week!!


If you have any suggestions, ideas or want to support this contest, feel free to have a chat with me in the comment section or on discord “worldcapture#1332”


Peoplephotography by worldcapture Week #33 – WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT


Good day everyone!

Another week of great entries is over and I picked the winner. It was super tough to choose the top 5 + Bonus of Week #33 just as every week. 23 people joined the contest this week!

  • Guys – Please always make sure to post your entry in the comment section (link or picture) Cheers!

Winner announcement

Week #33 is over and it’s time to announce the winners.


Our winner for week #33 is the entry **Kiss me please** by @axeman . I absolutely love this shot. I’m usually not a fan of wedding photos but the style and composition of that one is just super cool! Thanks for sharing this photo!

Nr1 goes to @axeman

axemanPrize: 5 Steem + 100% Upvote

Nr2 goes to @gingbabida

gingbabidaPrize: 2 Steem + 70% Upvote

Nr3 goes to @manoldonchev

manoldonchevPrize: 1.5 Steem + 60% Upvote

Nr4 goes to @neliacordeiro

neliacordeiroPrize: 1 Steem + 50% Upvote

Nr5 goes to @vcclothing

vcclothingPrize: 0.5 Steem + 40% Upvote

Bonus goes to @ackhoo

ackhooPrize: 0.3 Steem + 30% Upvote

Congratulations again to all the winners and of course, all the other great entries.

Thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn’t win this time – make sure to try it in week 34 again which will be announced tomorrow.


Please let me know which photos You would have ranked in the Top 5, Cheers!



Bagan Sunset


Good day Guys!

Today I share a image of my last years travel through Myanmar. The location was in Bagan during the sunset. One of the most spectacular and colorful sunsets I’ve seen in my life.

I really have to go back to this amazing country one day!

Hope you all have a great Weekend ahead!


Streets of Delhi


Good day Guys!

Today I share a single image one of my India reports back in May 2019. The location was in one of the busy alleys in New Delhi, on of my favorite places on earth.

There is just so much going on in the streets and so many impressions all around and everywhere. I really need to go back there soon.

Wishing you all a great Thursday!